The Mahoning Valley Lifelong Learning Institute is dependent on charitable gifts to fulfill its mission and reach its potential. Each of the Institute’s four series of academic exploration — Arts and Culture, History and Political Science, Religion and Spirituality, and Wellness and Rehabilitation — have been thoughtfully selected to provide authentic experiences that unite to enrich mind, body and spirit.

Each series is supported by endowment, providing annual operating funds for the life of the Institute. Enthusiastic donors who believe in the Institute’s value to the people of the Mahoning Valley have already committed funds at a naming level for three of the four series topic areas.

Funding from additional donors, at all levels of giving but with the same commitment to mission, will keep these lecture series sustainable long into the future.


The Richard & Charlotte Gelhaar Lecture Series

The Gelhaar Lecture Series on Arts & Culture will explore various genres of art and artists throughout history into modern times. Cultural issues in society will be examined through the art of the time.


The Jack & Jaye Harris Lecture Series

The Harris Lecture Series on History & Political Science provides a view of past and current events while considering their implications on the future. Topics may include government, war, social and cultural issues.


The Ruth Kyle Lecture Series

The Kyle Lecture Series on Religion & Spirituality provides exploration into diverse areas of faith and religious life. Topics will range from historical to modern, from personal faith philosophies to religious doctrine, Eastern and Western faith traditions, and numerous perspectives in between.


The Wellness & Rehabilitation Lecture Series will focus on various aspects of health and what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, at any age. Sessions may include topics of fitness, nutrition, disease prevention and disease management, Areas of interest such as alternative medicine and the power of the mind-body relationship may also be explored.